Meditation has many & various descriptions. One of the simplest & shortest which I like is by Swami Rama of the Himilayan Institute:

'Meditation is the liberation of the mind from all disturbing & distracting emotions, thoughts & desires.'

From the Hatha Yoga tradition meditation is understood as the practice of 'sitting steady'. It is this purposeful decision to sit in stillness that with practice allows the mind  to become completely 

calm. Instead of a myriad of different distractions the focus is on one single point. In deep meditation that single point is also let go of & a state of happiness & union is experienced. This peak experience is called Samadhi.

I very much want to create a warm, safe & encouraging environment to teach & support those wishing to try meditation & for those developing their meditation practice.

The sitting position often used is that of sukkhasana or simple crossed legs as this position represents the symbol of infinity & is thought to seal ones energy within.

Being seated on the floor is not intended to be an uncomfortable experience so it is often necessary to experiment with cushions & mats to improve comfort & promote staying with it. Various simple exercises can improve the comfort & flexibility of the body. I would encourage anyone starting out on their meditational experience to try to persist with the sitting position as it will re-pay many benefits. However, for some  it is more suitable to sit in a chair.

Meditation uses various forms of focus like centreing on the breath, guided visualisations, chanting mantras, & visual aides like candles, mandalas & yantras. All of these are available to be experienced over time in my meditation groups & classes. Please contact me to discuss meditation & how I may support you.