Hatha Yoga

This is a traditional style of yoga. Yoga works by bringing conscious awareness to the breath. How well we breathe affects our health. Often we pay little attention to the breath; it just goes on in the background. Yogic breathing exercises enhance 

concentration, mood & well-being. Combining the yoga postures (asanas) with the conscious breath (prana) promotes calm & balance. Hatha yoga is a good form of all round exercise which strengthens & tones muscles, improves joint mobility & balance. Yoga is especially helpful in supporting good quality sleep, reducing anxiety & lifting mood. It is known to improve levels of depression. Hatha Yoga offers the opportunity to mindfully exercise at an unhurried pace restoring a deep sense of well-being, calm & balance. Call me on 07513817892 or email me on yoga_inspired_life@yahoo.co.uk



At the beginning of each class there will be a few moments spent bringing ourselves present. The main part of each class will involve a variety of asanas aiming to work the whole body. There is breath-work & also a short period of meditation. Each class opens chanting Om. Some classes will include mudras. Mudras are yoga of the hands. Yoga is open to all with a modest level of physical ability.


I would like to offer something for all those people who fancy giving yoga a go. As a beginner you maybe reluctant to try a class that has experienced yogis in it. Lifestyles today do not encourage fitness & mobility so joining a class may feel daunting & a factor in not starting a class or dropping out. I work to support every new member & help them feel inspired. I want to grow ordinary people with ordinary limitations into people who enjoy yoga & find through personal experience the benefits of yoga. I offer discounted rates for beginners on a one to one basis. See my Class Times page for details.


Do email me for a chat about yoga or with any queries. I am always keen to correspond. I can offer a one hour free consultation if you are thinking of one to one private tuition or if you have specific needs that you would like to discuss with me.




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